For the love of Unicorns!

Did you know a group of Unicorns are called a Blessing? I’m learning new unicorn facts everyday after my Christmas Unicorn design was such a huge success this year.

It all started in on a train journey in August, when I sketched a possible unicorn design in my notebook and tried to work out what stamps I could possible use to make it work.

Finding the perfect (& magical) horn

I originally thought this would be a petal from the largest flower in my collection  – used in my Mother’s Day Collection. It would’ve been handy as I could stamp 8 in one go! I actually discovered the perfect horn (yes, that’s my husband giggling on the sofa!) in a butterfly wing.

Sprinkle with snowflakes

So, back in August I was designing my Christmas 2018 range  – hence the two delicate snowflakes added to the unicorn’s flower band. In an icy blue & silver or rich red & gold – these two were popular at every Christmas Market I went to this year! With no logical reason…one week I would sell out of the blue and the next I’d sell out of the red!

Not just for Christmas!

It was clear very early on that this design was not going to be limited to just Christmas – even Helen, my photographer, eyed the prototype to ask if she could have one for her daughter’s birthday. A few weeks later at Hall Place, I took a custom order to create a red and white version, destined to be framed to decorate her daughter’s room.

New for 2019

So, now we’re here at the end of 2018 and I should really be pre-ordering my Christmas Turkey but instead I’m surrounded by pink and purple flowers – all glistening in the winter sun. It’s been so much fun to watch this design evolve and I’m very excited about how this new Birthday kit will work.

A beautiful colour mix

The Christmas Unicorns were in my signature box kit and create 4 identical cards. For the birthday kit, I want to mix the colours so that you can make 4 different cards in hot pink, baby pink, purple and lilac. I’m looking forward to seeing if my crafty customers stick to these colours or create their own unique unicorn!

Advanced Kit Decisions

The main reason I normally create the kit boxes to 4 identical cards is for the Advanced kit. Each advanced kit contains something extra – an ink pad, a drawing pen, a bottle of Liquid Pearls. To be able to offer a mix of colours would mean that whatever ‘extra’ would need to work with every colour. I had a couple of options: a pink ink pad called ‘Rose Bud’ or a sliver glitter pen. I started by making a purple version of both and asking anyone I could on Facebook! It was a close result, but the glitter pen was the most popular, so I carried on making a ‘blessing’ of unicorns…all covered in glitter!

When can we make them?

I expect to launch this new kit design in January 2019 and as ever, my DbyD Club Members will be the first to know. If you’d like to join the club, simply add your name & email below.

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