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So here in the UK, it’s looking set to be a very hot summer! Will you be capturing some great photos in the glorious sunshine? Encourage your children to treasure those memories in a scrapbook – or enjoy warm summer evenings making it for them to look back on in the future.

I’ve designed 6 pages to get them started – each one teaches you different paper-crafting techniques that can inspire you to keep filling up your Summer 2018 scrapbook.

Each page is made on an 8×8” piece of card, that can be stuck into a ring bound scrapbook, dropped into the wallet style albums or put in a box frame around your home. They can be easily adapted to fill a 10×10 or a 12×12 scrapbook, let your creativity overflow.

Each kit is suitable for children aged 5-11 and contain fully illustrated instructions but I recommend making the kits with children under 8 years – I’ve highlighted the bits they’ll need help with in the summary below. I’ve also give you license for a complete Parental Take Over – make it by yourself or with friends, I’ve included some tips and ideas for you test out.


Design 1: Flower Burst

A fun, colourful page which would frame a sunny portrait beautifully. For this DIY kit, the piece of card it already cut but I’ll teach them how to curve and secure the card to make this fun, 3-D effect. They’ll also fold the lilac flowers, add their yellow centres and raise them on foam pads.



Parental help: To attach the brads (pretty split-pins) younger children will need your help to pierce the card – the kit includes some blue tac and a sharp pencil. They’ll also love some help tying a beautiful bow and cutting the ends – I have a quick video on how to cut snake tongues!

Parental Take Over: Add some ink or paint to the edges of the triangles before fixing them with the brads. Using the large lilac flower as a template, cut out more flowers on colourful sheets of paper and layer them up (rotating it slightly each time)

Colour Choices: This kit is available in Peach (pictured), Pink and Sage Green.

Price: £6 +p&p Use the link below to order this kit or contact me to organise your complete set for £30 (including free p&p)

Order the Flower Burst Kit

Design 2: Rainbow Stars

This page to brighten anyone’s day! A wonderful rainbow of stars over a sparkly blue sky, rolling green hills and fluffy clouds. This one is a pure joy to make! (and maybe my favourite…!) This kit starts with 7 white stars so plenty of colouring to do – as simple as one paint splodge or delicately coloured with 7 different blue pencils – everyone will create these differently. The hills are cut and inked ready to be stuck over your photo and the clouds just float by on sticky foam pads.


Parental help: Getting the rainbow colours in the right order- I had to check a few times! Roy G. Biv

Parental Take over: How will you colour yours? How about using fine liners to doodle each star, add strips of ribbons behind the stars before you stick them down and fill the gaps with colourful buttons. Use the little cloud as a template to cut out more cloud shapes in pale blue and white and fill the sky. Oh and glitter… add glitter!

Price: £6 +p&p Use the link below to order this kit or contact me to organise your complete set for £30 (including free p&p)


Order the Rainbow Stars Kit

Design 3: At the beach

Will they be building sandcastles this summer? Can you catch a photo of their masterpiece before their little brother knocks it to the ground? Maybe a classic shot of them splashing in the waves.  With 9 different background squares, their first job is to decide where they all go, maybe you have a future quilter on your hands so this might take a while! They’ll need to build a sandcastle too, this time it will stay standing! There are foam pads included to make it a 3-D castle.


Parental help:  As with the Flower Burst page, they’ll need help piercing the card. If they’d like help curving the corners of their photo (optional but looks great in this design) then the best way is to use the orange card (or one of the squares) as a template on the back of the photo, draw a line and then use a sharp pair of scissors.

Parental take over: This design looks great with 3 small photos instead – replace one or two of the squares with a photo mount the other one on orange and place on top- this way you get to see more of the wonderful patterned papers.

Price: £6 +p&p Use the link below to order this kit or contact me to organise your complete set for £30 (including free p&p)

Order the Beach Kit

Design 4: Flower Circles

It wouldn’t be summer without a butterfly!  They’ll have great fun colouring in the flowers and the butterfly and I’ll explain how to layer up the circles to cover the join between the papers. The wire antennae on the butterfly are handmade by me and I have already stuck them to the back of the butterfly.


Parental help: The buttons in the kit are already stuck to a strip of glue dots, they need to be gently peeled off with the glue dot still attached. Younger children will need help cutting the foam to fit onto the letters or they can be stuck flat instead.

Parental take over: Why not add some more circles – just patterned papers or extra colours. When you’re colouring in the flowers and butterfly, consider what colours are in your photo – using these colours will tie your page together beautifully. I explain this technique in my Design Secret 5: Colour Twins. Add buttons by stitching them on instead of the glue dots – here are my tips on how to do this.

Colour Choices: This kit is available in Green (pictured) and Pink.

Price: £6 +p&p Use the link below to order this kit or contact me to organise your complete set for £30 (including free p&p)

Order the Flower Circles Kit

Design 5: The Castle

Who loves exploring old English castles? Fun family photos on the ruins or cheeky smiles through the castle windows. We’ll be creating our own background paper for this page – using a piece of bubble wrap (I wonder how many pops they’ll be while you get the paint out!). While that’s drying, you can make the regal bunting to dangle over your photo and, of course, you’ve got a castle to build!



Parental help:  I’m sorry but you’ll cleaning up the painting mess and making sure the painted background is dry before trying to stick the rest of the pieces onto it. Smaller fingers may also find the bunting fiddly to fold and stick together.

Parental take over: Cut smaller triangles to make more dainty bunting or make more to add another string across the top left corner as well. Add some journaling about you memories of the photo – where were you? Who’s in the picture? What was the highlight of the day?

Colour Choices: This kit is available in Silver (pictured) and Brown.

Price: £6 +p&p Use the link below to order this kit or contact me to organise your complete set for £30 (including free p&p)

Order the Castle Kit

Design 6: The Zoo

Who’s making the most of their annual zoo pass? Capture those fun memories with this cheerful page. This kit starts with ripping up the paper! Creating that rough, textured background, that Mr Lion loves. We’re also colouring in the leaves – use all the greens pens you have and create a beautifully diverse selection of jungle leaves.


Parental help: The branch is quite thin so can be tricky to glue. A heavy handed glue stick may rip a section off!

Parental take over: Add some more layers of ribbed paper, ink or paint the ripped edges to enhance the texture. Adding another brown layer at the front, overlapping the photo but for the lion to stand on.

Price: £6 +p&p Use the link below to order this kit or contact me to organise your complete set for £30 (including free p&p)

Order the Zoo Kit



Love them?

So which page would you start with? Have you got photos on your phone that would fit beautifully with one of these designs? or all of them perhaps?

Special Offer: to kick start your summer of scrapbooking you can order all 6 designs for only £30 (with free postage too) You can choose one of each or mix and match them. Send me an email to or comment below to organise your special crafty bundle.


Happy crafting!


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