The Paperbox Competition insert photo The Paperbox have put together a Mother’s Day Card Gallery- full of cardmakers they admire – and I’m one of them! It was so exciting for someone to reach out to me ‘as a cardmaker’ – even though I’ve been making cards for years, I’m […]

The Paperbox Competition

Della by Design, Mr Lion Card, Birthday Card Kit, jungle leaves
Let me introduce you to: Mr Lion The lion is back! This cute stamp also features in my Jungle Doodle design – but this time he’s more authentic – with his traditional lion colours and muddy paws. This version is more suitable for children’s birthdays – I originally made this design […]

Meet Mr Lion

Make a Valentine’s Day Card, Card Kit, special card for boyfriend
When’s a good time to make a Valentine’s Day card? In the past I’ve been beavering away on the 13th February, after my husband happened to mention he’d bought me one – cue a crafting frenzy! He made one for me once, my sister helped him and let him do […]

When’s a good time to make a Valentine’s Day card?

Year in numbers Della by Design
2017 My year in numbers  30 sales on Etsy  Thank you to all my online customers and those of you who I see in ‘real life’ but still agreed to buy your cards online! Even though Etsy takes a small percentage, it’s still more valuable to me to increase those […]

2017: My year in numbers

fun christmas quiz, family fun, christmas trivia
Christmas Tree Quiz Test you Christmas trivia skills with this fun picture quiz. 10 beautifully decorated Christmas Trees from around the globe- but do you know where? Each one is famous in it’s own way and no, I haven’t included the one from my front room! Click on the link […]

Christmas Quiz

Enjoy yourself ? Make it silly As the cardmaker – you have complete artistic licence! Let’s have some fun…how about cutting out your children’s faces and sticking them onto elves? Or using an ‘in-joke’ that only your sister would understand. Use some embarrassing holiday snaps from your friend’s 21st on […]

Design Secret #7

The #DbyDCountdown Makers Special Are you enjoying my #DbyDCountdown to Christmas? It’s racing towards the big day over on Instagram and Facebook. I did things a little differently this year and during the 50’s I picked a special maker to feature alongside my numbers. Did you spot the gorgeous festive treats in […]

The #DbyDCountdown Makers Special

Why do we frame pictures? We’ve framed our artwork for centuries, simply as a way to keep the art work safe, used as a status symbol or as a design statement.  Frames were originally used to isolate certain features – consider a cave painting….where did one buffalo chasing scene start […]

Design Secret #6

Are you my Colour Twin? Sometimes, when my sister and I get together we’re bubbling over with ideas and techniques we want to try but other times, there’s nothing… When this happens we reach for our stamps, pick a handful of our favourite images and stamp them onto a white […]

Design Secret #5