Your Nostalgic Movie Night with the kids 2

Your nostalgic movie night with the kids

If you think your children are in need of a movie education or you just need to claim back the family film night. Can’t face watching another minion film?

Here’s a fab list of movies, full of great memories for you and perhaps a new love for your tweens.

Grab the popcorn!


Stars Sean Austin
Year 1985
Rating 12 (Moderate violence and some frightening scenes)
Brief synopsis… Brothers, Mikey & Brand, go looking for adventure and discover an underground world of pirates, criminals and also a lot of treasure.
My favourite bit… when Chunk gets forced to tell the baddies everything so he does just that and tells them EVERYTHING!
You’ll have to explain… Basically every gadget that Data makes and uses could probably be replaced by a smart phone – there’s an app for a spring-loaded boxing glove, right?

Stars Matthew Broderick
Year 1986
Rating 12A (strong language and sexual references)
Brief synopsis… Ditching school has never been more cool or so much hard work – Ferris tries to keep himself and his friends out of trouble.
My favourite bit… The phony phone calls with the principle to get Sloane out of class.
You’ll have to explain… how setting the car in reverse would reduce the miles on the clock – seems crazy now but there were some old car models that this worked on, although not on the vintage Ferraris in this film.

Stars Bob Huskins
Year 1988
Rating PG (rude humour and moderate violence)
Brief synopsis…  A beautiful mismatch of animation and live action tell the story of Roger Rabbit being accused of a murder he didn’t commit and how the whole of Toontown needs saving from evil developers and the dreaded ‘dip’.
My favourite bit… Betty Boop’s cameo appearance as a cocktail waitress, very much in Jessica Rabbit’s shadow.
You’ll have to explain… some lesser known cartoon characters… Porky Pig, Donald Duck, Bugs Bunny, Dumbo, Foghorn Leghorn and many others.

Fun action movie for tweens

Stars Harrison Ford
Year 1981
Rating PG (moderate violence & gore)
Brief synopsis… The first Indiana Jones movie – our whip wielding hero is sent by the US government to rescue the Lost Ark before the Nazi army take it.
My favourite bit… The floor of snakes! ‘Why is it always snakes?’ He might be our hero but Indy is terrified of snakes.
You’ll have to explain… how did Han Solo ended up in a South American jungle?

Stars Noah Hathaway (no relation to Anne) & Barret Oliver
Year 1984
Rating U
Brief synopsis… Bullied school boy, Bastian, seeks comfort in a dusty old book about the child warrior Atreyu striving to find a cure for the Empress and save their magical land, but he needs Bastian’s help.
My favourite bit… any scene with Falkor (the white luck dragon), especially when he needs help with an itch behind his ear.
You’ll have to explain… It’s all a fantasy world so it makes as much sense then as it does now but you may have excuse the special effects.

Stars Bill Murray
Year 1984
Rating PG
Brief synopsis… The original ghost busting team are keeping us safe from all kinds of spooky goings on and getting slimed along the way.
My favourite bit… The gadgets and the traps….now remember the most important thing – “Don’t cross the streams”
You’ll have to explain… why there are no women fighting ghosts?

Stars Rik Mayall & Phoebe Cates
Year 1991
Rating 12 (contains some swearing and sexual references)
Brief synopsis… Lizzie releases her childhood imaginary friend, Fred, who is determined to make her life fun again.
My favourite bit… I know I was young when I first watched it but it has to be the dog poo on the freshly shampooed carpets.
You’ll have to explain… how a mother can be so mean and controlling while you’re such a cool mum for hosting a fun movie night (make sure you bring the popcorn!)

Stars Macaulay Culkin
Year 1990
Rating PG
Brief synopsis… Left behind when the family leave for a Christmas vacation, 8 year old Kevin takes care of himself, his home and a pair of hapless burglars.
My favourite bit… Sledging down the stairs and out into the snow – my mum once caught me with a wooden tray….thankfully she got to me just in time!
You’ll have to explain… all the alarm clocks failing due to a power cut with no smart phone as a back up.

Stars John Travolta & Olivia Newton-John
Year 1978
Rating PG
Brief synopsis… A summer romance leads to mismatched relationship at Rydell High – Danny’s too cool and Sandy’s too, well, Sandy. They struggle through some teenage dramas and manage to meet in the middle with some help from the iconic leather trousers.
My favourite bit… The girly sleep over with the perfume sprayed love note and giant teddies.
You’ll have to explain… why smoking was considered cool…good luck with that one!

Which one will you watch first? Let me know in the comments.

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2 thoughts on “Your Nostalgic Movie Night with the kids

  • Rachel Evans

    Oooh I can’t wait until my kids are older enough to start watching some of these films! I don’t think even my eldest would sit through any of them yet unfortunately! I love Grease, that will probably be the first one I’ll try!