Mother’s Day Shop

Make something super special for Mother’s Day this year. She’ll love a handmade card, especially if you can say that you made it for her. You can’t go wrong with these delightful step-by-step kits. All you’ll need is some glue and a cuppa, everything else is included in the kit.

Make it truely personal by choosing any name in the design – I’ve showcased usual ones like Mum, Mom, Mam, Mummy but you can choose whatever you need: Mum-to-be, Step-Mum, Nanna, Mary or go all out and confuse me with an obscure pet-name that only she will understand!

Every kit or card is made by me, Della, at my home in south-east London, UK. Each flower is hand stamped and hand cut (usually while I’m catching up with Call the Midwife in the evenings). I pack up all the pieces, along with full written instructions into a ‘Do Not Bend’ envelope so that it arrives to you safely.

I hope you enjoy browsing the designs below- use the links to find out more details on each kit or card. I’d love to hear any feedback or suggestions, just email me at


The Kits (Make your own Mother’s Day Card)

 Bright & Bold Flower Kit

Pale Pink Flower Kit

Kraft Flower Kit

Lilac Flower Kit

Bright Button Flower Kit

Della by Design Card Kit, Mother’s day Card Kit

Peacock Button Flower Kit

The Cards (I’ll make them for you)

Bright & Bold Flower Card

Pale Pink Flower Card

Kraft Flower Card

Lilac Flower Card

Bright Button Flower Card

Peacock button card, DbyD Card, special card for Mum

Peacock Button Flower Card