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Don’t hide behind your mask!

Have you ever used masking in your paper crafts? How about covering up a skirting board with masking tape before you painted a wall? Well, effectively its the same thing but we can do so much more than paint in a straight line!

The Basics

Crafting in a straight line seems like a good place to start though! I’ve mentioned this technic before in my post all about Frames. Inking and stamping directly onto a card creates a really professional finish but you can lose that sense of a frame. Carefully adding masking tape around the card before you start will leave you with a crisp white border – even if you’re inking a snowy scene like this.


Christmas card, masking a frame, snow scene


A couple of helpful tips for you: You can buy low tack masking tape but normal masking tape will work but try sticking it to your clothes 2 or 3 times before adding to your card. Your skirting board is a lot more resilient than a beautiful card. Never attempt with cellotape!


The Shapes

But why stick with a square? This bauble silhouette was made by folding a sheet of scrap paper in half, drawing half a bauble and urging out. Holding it securely over the card (you could tape it to the card and mat) I’ve added the ink with a sponge to create this wintery scene.


Snowy Christmas card, how to make your own cards


The Stamps

These are great ideas but let’s take this idea of masking a step further: using a stamp as a mask. This does involve more cutting out but you all know how much I love to snip!

To make the blue sparkly background on my Rainbow Star scrapbook page, we needed to mask the stars. I still wanted them to be white, so they could be coloured in with vibrant rainbow colours.

Scrapbooking Kit, summer 2018, bright, colourful layout

Here’s a quick video to show how this process works. The spray bottle contains a water-based pearlised paint mixed with water.


Can you tell what the masks are made out of? The stars are stamped onto post-it notes for two great reasons! Firstly, they’re already sticky and I made sure I stamped star at the very top of the post-it note to take full advantage. They’re also thin enough to cut through several at a time. I was cutting these in batches for 7 (I don’t like cutting out that much!) Just in case you were wondering, I don’t use the top image because the ink can smudge when sprayed with the water/paint mix. Not an issue if you’re using inks and sponges though.


Stack of post it notes, staked and cut

Post-it notes are also really handy for moons! All you need is a circle punch to cut a sticky ‘moon’ from a post it note or draw around a penny. Stick it to your card, ink a rich night sky…blues, purples and a little black. Peel off your moon and it’s a dazzling sky scene!


The Finale

Combining this skills together can really open up your options. This is a card I made recently and even I pondered – how would I do that? A fun background but with a bright, colourful north pole in the foreground. A mask – of course!

Christmas handmade card, Dellabydesign, fun stamping, how to mask

So I stamped the ‘North Pole’ onto a piece of scrap paper (I didn’t have post-it notes handy so used some blue-tac instead) and quickly cut it out (Can you see I cheated and didn’t cut out the bit in the middle!)

North Pole stamp and mask, Dellabydesign tips

On the card, I stamped the ‘North pole’ on to the card in black ink, covered it with the mask and then layered the snowflake template over the top. All ready to ink!

Handstamped Christmas cards, how to make your own, learn to stamp

Aren’t they pretty? Look professional in a ‘what, you made this?’ kind of way and there’s no need to paid extra postage for a large letter!

Happy masking!



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