A Fresh New Start

Do you make resolutions?

I love starting the year with a fresh outlook and a clean white page. Most years, I’m undecided about resolutions for the first few days of January so normally play it safe – not drinking or eating chocolate, exercising a bit more. Then when I do decide on a resolution I’m all set with a week or so already completed.

For this year, 2019, I happened to walk 10,000 steps on the 1st and then again on the 2nd. I’ve decided that doing this every day would be unlikely but I’ve set myself the target of walking 10,000 steps on 4 days each week. I’m glad you’re all here to keep me accountable – feel free to email me at any point and check how many steps I’m on!

Walking back into the Craft Room

After a refreshing break, I returned to the craft room to get creative. Initially to make my sister’s birthday card, which evolved into a new kit idea. I think the winter sunshine inspired the fresh, ‘spring is in the air’ feel of the design. The background is inked directly onto the card using a mask to create the illusion of window panes. I made my own mask for this, using some mirror card, metal ruler and a knife. The mirror card (or glossy photo paper) is great to use for this as it doesn’t absorb the ink when you’re sponging the ink onto your card. I have more ideas for you about how to use masks in your craft projects.

The clouds and hills are stamped onto white card and cut out – the two sections of clouds actually come from the same stamp, just cut in half. I love how the raised up clouds cast a fluffy shadow onto the card.

Flower or butterfly?

I originally planned for this card to include a flower design but when I searched for a sentiment to use I fell in love with ‘take a little time to DREAM’, which fits nicely with a butterfly floating across the sunny sky. As I write this, I am yet to create a butterfly that I’m happy with. Actually hoping to publish this post quickly so I can put the laptop away and get back to experimenting. The butterflies will certainly need their silver wire antennae – a technique I perfected while making my Mother’s Day range.

What happens next?

I’ve asked my fabulous DbyD Club members to help me test out this design in the January 2019 giveaway. The lucky member will be sent a few options to choose between and create their favourite combination. After that, I’ll be adapting the design to make sure it works as a beginner’s kit and as an Advanced kit. I’m currently thinking of included a blue ink and sponge in the Advanced version and cutting a new mask for your to use on other cards as well. This all may change as it naturally evolves so if you’d like to keep up to date with my progress, make sure to follow me on Facebook or join the DbyD Club using the form below.


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