My Design Secrets

Can you keep a secret?

Let me share some with you! Welcome to my new 7-part series, where I will be attempting to explain all those micro-decisions that go on in my head when I’m working on a new design. I will be focusing on greeting card designs but I’ll also explain how these ideas can be applied to scrapbooking, magazine layouts, branding and interior design.

So if you’ve lost your crafty mojo or ever wondered ‘How do they make it look so good?’ then grab a cuppa and let me teach you a few tricks.


Design Secret #1: The Rule of Three

Design Secret #2: White Space

Design Secret #3: Monochrome Bliss

Design Secret #4: Simplicity

Design Secret #5: Colour Twins

Design Secret #6: Are you in the Frame?

Design Secret #7: Enjoy Yourself!


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