About me


I’m Della, owner of Della by Design. My actual name is Adela, but I let really special people call me Della – so close family, even closer friends and since 2016, my crafty customers!

I live with my husband and two boys, currently 2 and 6, in South East London, UK. I work part time in central London, have two days a week with my boys and spend my evenings building my dream that is ‘Della by Design’

So what does that dream look like? It’s as simple as picking both my boys up from school and having the space in my life to be creative. My aim for 15th September 2019, the day my youngest will start school (ok so I’m guessing the exact date) is to head home and spend my day as Della, fulfilling orders, designing new kits and running virtual crafternoons. With no expectation on my shoulders that I should return to work full time and not see my boys until bedtime each day. How could I, when I have a thriving handmade business to build?

Can I get there? It feels like quite a tangible dream, don’t you think? It’s going to take a lot of time and hard work. I know there’s a bumpy road ahead but so far I have loved every single step! Join me for the journey via the DbyD Club.

Would you like to know some more about me? Then these 20 facts will tell you all you need to know (as well as my dealings with hair dye, walking marathons and homebirths)